GitNote VIP Service

A friend mentioned the charging problem of GitNote and explained it here.

GitNote is permanently free

GitNote is free forever and will be charged through the technical support service. Please see the VIP service description for details.

GitNote is permanently maintained

GitNote is permanently maintained. Because other software does not meet my use, and security considerations, all of my own development, I will continue to develop and maintain myself, and will also do open source plans in the future, do not worry about no maintenance.

VIP Service

GitNote is free forever and is charged through technical support services.

I have worked for 10 years since I started the programming of GVBASIC on Wenquxing in high school. I have been in the programming industry for more than 15 years. I have been studying computer science in the university, from the underlying assembly language to the development of languages ​​such as java go. I am proficient in multi-language development and technical architecture. And management experience.

GitNote is also a product that has been developed over the years and has been precipitated by various technologies. It has also carried out several open source projects. The VIP service here mainly provides technical service support.

Service Content

1: GitNote temporary text release (10000)

2: GitNote article collection (10000)

3: Sharing my technical knowledge, lessons learned

5: Share the most practical industry information, technical content

6: Provide one-to-one customized learning routes for VIP users

7: Solve various technical problems

8: Provide programmer-related benefits

9: Providing the best technical solutions for the company

10: Development work to provide various needs

Technical Map

Here I use the brain map to organize my own technology. You can provide any questions within this technology. If not, I will try my best to help.

  • This is a technical summary for 2016. [ %BB%E7%BB%93.html]( 80%E6%9C%AF%E6%80%BB%E7%BB%93.html)
  • Is this the total of the technology in 2014? [ %93.html]( BB%E7%BB%93.html)


Service Method

GitNote VIP WeChat group

Add me to WeChat, after confirming, I will pull you into the WeChat group.

Micro signal: zhaopeng2014 Wechat QR code:


Service Fee

1: GitNote VIP

Successfully joined the GitNote VIP and provided the service content 1-8. The annual fee is 30 RMB per year.

2: Demand charges

According to the demand, definitely a fair charge.

payment method

Use GitNote to click Upgrade