imgur image hosting

This is a plugin that use imgur as image hosting. is a very convenient and easy to use picture free space, imgur no space limit, flow restrictions.

The imgur plugin will be uploaded to the gitnote account by default. gitnote will not do any processing on these uploaded images. It only provides a default storage based on imgur. If you have special requirements, please apply for the imgur account service yourself. If you apply, please see Here.


You only need to download the imgur plugin and you can use it.

How to use

When uploading the image, drag the file into the imgur area and upload it to the imgur server.



If you have imgur's client id, just click imgur's Setup in My Plugin, fill in your own client id in the popup box, save it. Yes.



Registration imgur

This is a friend who has already done a video tutorial, I intercepted a paragraph, according to this video tutorial, you can get client id.

Please ignore the voice problem, I am playing at double speed.

Original video: