github image hosting

This is a plugin that uses github as a image hosting.


Github as a image hosting, you need to have two operations, create a git repository and get the github developer token.

If you don't know github, please ask for Google help.

git repository

Create a Git repository


For example, I create a gitnote-images, which is used later in the name.


Get github developer token

Generate github developer token

Click Generate new token to generate token


Only need repo permission, no other options.


This token will only appear once, please click Copy to save it.

This token will only appear once, if you forget, you can regenerate it.
This token is very important, don't divulge it, don't divulge it, don't divulge it.



After the premise work is ready, just click on the github plugin Setup in the My Plugin and fill in the relevant information in the popup box.


repo: Github repository full name bucket: Stored root folder name token: developer token

Successful upload

Once the upload is successful via the github plugin, a commit will be generated on github.


Show in notes

The insertion method is automatically selected according to different types of notes.