How To Use

Video Description

Use premise

You must have a git repository. You can use github BitBucket gitlab gitee coding to create a git repository as your note repository.

Start interface


Adding a git repository

Add an existing git repository


Cloning a remote git repository


note management

Create notes

Creating rich text notes

Clicking Nomarl Not will create a rich text note below the current directory.


Creating Markdown notes

Clicking on Markdown Note will create a Markdown note below the current directory.


Creating a diary note

It's a very common feature to create a note every day, and it's a very good habit.

Clicking on New daily Note will create a note for Year-Month-Day' inYear/Month`.


Modify note file name

Where the file name is displayed, the name will be modified automatically.


Delete notes

Move the mouse to the file list and click the delete button to delete the note.


Note format support

Support for .html and .md based on file storage file format

Create a note folder

Folders support unlimited levels of nodes.

In the folder tree, click the drop-down menu to get the folder.


Attachment Management

Add attachments

Open the note and drag the attachment to the note to add it as an attachment.

Folder added, will be compressed into a zip file


File positioning

Folder Status

Click File Location in the folder to locate the folder in System Resource Management.


File Positioning

Right click on the file list ** click File Location, you can locate the file location in System Resource Management.


Attachment targeting

Click File Location at the attachment list to locate the attachment in System Resource Management.


note picture

Drag and drop image files in rich text notes and insert them directly into your notes.

If there is a picture in the pasteboard, it will be inserted directly into the note.

Support for uploading images to third-party graphics beds via plugins.


GitNote supports full-text search


Notes Multi-label

Open notes support multiple tags, and the tag right click can support the management of open tags


Notes multiple version

In the file list ** right click ** click History, you can view the note log, you can choose to view and restore.



The interface language can be switched in the settings.



By expanding, you can use the mind brain map, the tomato work method, the bed, and so on.